Facts about Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a type of disorder that is accompanied by white pigments all over the body of the sufferer. It can happen to different types of body parts. It generally happens when the color of the pigment of the skin is destroyed and as a result, the skin gets affected. The cells are called melanocytes which affected by the dangerous cause of vitiligo. It can also affect the mucous membrane of the body especially the tissue that is present inside the mouth as well as in the nose and eyes.

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The causes of vitiligo are still unknown and it might be an autoimmune type of disease but nothing has been confirmed and proven yet. These types of diseases generally attack the immune system of the body by mistake and when the immune system attacks some other part of your body as well. Eventually, it disturbs the working of melanocytes which are present in your skin and the genes get affected for the reason of which you are likely to get the disorder in your body. Although researchers have a discovered those melanocytes actually destroy themselves but others think that any single event can be too harsh for your skin such that it can lead to vitiligo, although nothing has been proven yet.


Vitiligo can affect almost anyone but it mostly develops in early twenties, although it can develop at any age which is normal. It can affect any race, any sexes equally but it has been seen that it affects darker people more than fairer ones. People who get autoimmune diseases are most likely to get attacked by vitiligo as compared to the people who don’t have autoimmune diseases. Vitiligo is a type of disorder that is also hereditary. It often runs in families and those children whose parents are affected by the disorder are more likely to get affected by the same. It has been proven because most of the children are seen having their parents suffering from the disease.

As far as the symptoms of the disorder are concerned, the fundamental symptom is the white patch that affects all over the body. These patches are generally common to the skin that is mostly exposed by the harmful radiations of the sun, like hands, feet, arms, face and lips. Other common areas also include skin around mouth, eyes, nostrils, navel, genitals and even rectal areas.