What you should know about juicing

Much as vegetable juice is beneficial for both children and adults, it’s important to fully understand when and how it should be used. First of all, vegetable juice has less proteins and fats and this means that it is incomplete. Regular meals in this case have to be used along with it. Not unless you are fasting or in the detoxification process should you consider juicing as your food replacement. There are different types of juicers to do the job but in our opinion you should be looking at some masticating juicer brands before you decide to get your juicer.

Before you embark on juicing, it is also important to know your body.  For instance, the vegetables that you do not enjoy taking wholly should be juiced for this matter. The taste should also be pleasant and in this case your stomach should not growl. There are more facts that you need to understand before juicing in order to fully benefit from the nutrients.

Vegetables should be pesticide free

If possible choose the organic kind of vegetables. The pesticide vegetables are not ideal for juicing and they include kales, lettuce, collard, carrots among others. Cucumber is a good option but you have to remove the skin first. Well, you have to know which vegetables are ideal for juicing as they do not need to harm your body.

Getting ready

For those who have never juiced before, it might not be a pleasant experience and this means you need to be ready for that.  To make it easier, you can first begin with the bitter green and in the process use the lemons to counteract the bitterness. Carrots or apples should not be used as they are known to have higher levels of fructose than lemons. The best vegetables to start with are celery, cucumber and fennel. Once you have adjusted to them, you can then add vegetables which are less palatable to your juice. Once you have adjusted, you can then start adding romaine lettuce, spinach, endive, or the red leaf lettuce. Cabbage is the best option for ulcer repair since it is known to contain vitamin U.

Make the taste great

For the juice to be palatable, some of the elements that you can add include lemons, cranberries as well as the fresh ginger. These elements will give your juice a great taste. In fact, studies have proven that ginger lowers blood cholesterol, and also inhibits the oxidation of the lipoproteins.

Drink immediately or store appropriately

Much as juicing can be a time consuming process, the best way to go is drink it immediately. This is because the juice is perishable and can go stale hence removing all the nutrients. If you have to store, ensure it has an air tight lid to prevent any further reaction with the air or oxygen. It is better to drink it within the first 24 hours of juicing.